Zarzadzanie łańcuchem dostaw

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Forecast Management

- Forecast by SKU, cost, item, dollars, margin, country, channel, customer location, etc.
- Drive inventory and safety stock levels according to customer requirements using the Service Level Optimizer
- Respond to sell-through & forecast new products with lifecycle curves
Requirements Planning

- Project and correct inventory shortfalls and surpluses on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
- Create time-phased inventory plans by item, resulting in an optimal inventory level
- Simulate multiple scenarios for accurate planning
Sales & Operations Planning

- Identify and solve business issues before they become liabilities
- Track KPIs (key performance indicators), perform gap analysis and optimize sales plans
- Aggregate six key areas into one view: bookings, sales, production, inventory, backlog and shipments
Retail Planning

- Allow store-level profiling through cluster methods
- User-defined formulas for identifying performance measures by each retailer
- Flexible data keys allow for category management functions
- Quickly determine variances in size and performance
- Advanced analysis web portal
- Represent opportunities graphically

- Automate and manage the information exchange between buyers and sellers
- An event calendar provides a consolidated view of each trading partners’ plan
- Streamline and accelerate business planning
Advanced Planning & Scheduling

- Plan across multiple facilities managing critical manufacturing operation constraints
- Accurately predict the materials and resources needed for each job and when it will be completed
- Cut costs by significantly reducing inventories, overtime, expediting, and time spent updating spreadsheets
Supply Chain Planning software